I Am Not Seeing Detailed Information About the Websites and Applications I Am Using

All RescueTime users should be able to see time they spend on the websites they visit and the applications they use. RescueTime Premium subscribers by default should ALSO see more-in-depth details about the individual web pages and documents they are using (although this can be turned off if desired).

If you are not seeing document details, check the following:

Are you subscribed to RescueTime Premium?

You can see your account status at the top of your billing page

Enable activity details

If you do not see activity details, check that you have enabled them in your settings.

There are two locations where this can be done:

  • On any report page, view your activity details by clicking on the name of the activity. If you do not have details recorded, you will see a blue button at the bottom of the page labeled Turn on page title tracking. Clicking on this button will enable detail tracking.

  • From the Categorize Activities page click Detail Logging Rules. This page will give you a list of activities that are not currently reporting details. Click on the Enable Details button to activate detail logging.

Are your privacy settings correct?

Go to your  Privacy Settings page and make sure both boxes in the Logging Details section are checked.

On OS X verify that you have enabled RescueTime's accessibility permissions

On OS X RescueTime needs an accessibility permission to gather window title information. Follow the steps in this screenshot to ensure everything is set up correctly. For further instructions on enabling accessibility permissions, visit these pages: How do I enable Accessibility permissions? How can I fix permissions on Mojave or higher?

If you are still having problems, please open a support request. We will be more than happy to help.

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