Monitoring Options

RescueTime offers a wide variety of monitoring options, which can be accessed by navigating to the Privacy page under Account Settings

Logging Schedule

You can specify which days and times of the week you want to monitor your activities. If you choose to define days and times, RescueTime will record events only during the days and times you selected. Outside of those hours, you'll notice that the RescueTime icon is grayed out. 

Logging Details

You can choose whether RescueTime collects full window titles and document information for applications as well as choose the collection of complete URLs for websites. 

Only Monitor Specific Websites

By default, RescueTime monitors all websites and all applications that you use. However, on the Monitoring Options page, you can choose to limit which sites are monitored. This "whitelist" will be pushed to your computer, effectively telling the data collector on your machine to submit all websites on this list as normal, but record all NON-whitelisted websites as generic browser time. This offers complete privacy for sites not on the list. RescueTime simply never receives any site-specific data for non-whitelisted sites. 

Ignore Activities

RescueTime also allows you to ignore specific applications selectively. We strongly discourage this, as it can skew data dramatically. However, this feature can be used for virtual machine applications like VMWare (where you can ignore VMWare and choose to install RescueTime on the virtual machine). 

To ignore an application or website, you need to have already logged some time in the activity you wish to ignore. 

  1. Navigate to Reports > Applications & Websites to view the "All Activities report" for the day when you used the application or website you'd like to ignore.
  2. Find the application or website you do not want to track.
  3. Hover over the application or website to display the edit icon. Once you click the icon, you'll be presented with the options to delete the time that has been logged or to ignore the activity forever. This option will completely erase all the historical data for that activity.

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