The Applications & Websites Report

The Applications & Websites Report is the main report of your recorded activity. Your top activities are displayed as a bar chart and you can view this during all time or during work hours only.

Please note: RescueTime Premium accounts have all features which include the red boxes below, whereas RescueTime Lite accounts have a limited feature set.

The All Activities Report displays your top activities ranked by time and color-coded by productivity level ranging from bright blue (productive) to bright red (unproductive).There are two other activity views accessed by the tabs: By Hour and Trending

The All Activities By Hour Report shows your activities by hour over the span of a day. You can use the Date Bar to change the date range. We share more about how to navigate the Date Bar here

Changing the date range will add the  Time of Day tab. Here you'll see your activities by hour over the span of a week.

The Trending tab illustrates the time spent on the top activities over the past month.

Below the graphs are function buttons.

The Day timer button will open a resizable window displaying real-time data that reports your cumulative time logged and Productivity Score. The Day timer feature can be accessed from all the Reports.

The Export/Share button gives you options for saving or sending your report.

The Categorize activities button will take you to a page where you can set the category and productivity rankings of the recorded activities. We share details on how to change categories and productivity scores here.

If you are a RescueTime Premium subscriber you can click on the activity names in the graph or in the list of activities to view extended details for that activity. 

Clicking into the activity will show you a Summary, By Hour, and Trending details about the activity.

From here you can also  Edit activity and Create an alert or goal.

Clicking on the Edit activity button will allow you to edit the Category and Productivity level as well as Delete or Ignore the activity

Clicking on the Create an alert or goal will bring you to the Goals & Alerts page to set this up. 

At the very bottom of the page you can click on the link to view all activities for day.

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