I'm not Seeing a lot of Time for web Browsers and no Time for Individual Websites

By default, RescueTime should log individual websites instead of browser time. These are the exceptions:

  • Occasionally, your browser might get hung up and stop allowing us to log sites. Restarting the browser or restarting RescueTime might resolve the problem. It's worth a shot. This is a rare issue.
  • If your browser is open, but there is no URL or only a partial URL in the address bar, we can't log a site.
  • If you are browsing local files on your hard drive in your browser, sometimes RescueTime can't detect this.
  • If you are using a whitelist, you are telling RescueTime that you don't want to log detailed time on sites other than the ones you specify.
  • You might be using a browser that we don't support. We currently support all mainstream browsers.
  • You might have a browser plugin that interferes with RescueTime. Try disabling all of your plugins to see if this is the issue.

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