RescueTime for Android - Installation and Activation

The RescueTime Android app can be found at the Google Play store.

When you install the app, you will see a friendly welcome screen. Press the green Continue button at the bottom to start the setup process.

You are then presented with a choice of what you want to track from this device: Apps, Sites, and/or Calls. Tracking will require additional permissions, which the app will help you set up in subsequent screens. 

To set up app tracking, tap on the first green Enable button. The first permission request screen pops up, explaining that RescueTime needs the "make and manage phone calls" permission to track time on this device. The app will never make calls on your behalf!

Click the green Fix Permissions button to set up the necessary permission.

After clicking Fix Permissions you get a modal popup asking you to Deny or Allow the permission. Click Allow.

The next screen explains how to set up App Usage access for RescueTime. Click Fix settings to start the process.

You'll be sent to the System Settings "Apps with usage access" screen. Tap on the RescueTime entry.

Then the RescueTime app usage access screen will open. Move the slider to the right to enable access.

Now hit the Back button twice to return to RescueTime. You will then see this screen, showing that Track Apps has been enabled:

Click the second green Enable button to set up tracking of individual websites in browsers. (NOTE: This feature may be disabled in some versions of Android.) You will be led to another permission setup screen, explaining that RescueTime needs accessibility service access to track sites:

Click the green Fix settings button to go to the System Accessibility Settings page.

Click on RescueTime's listing to open the detail page, and then move the slider right to enable RescueTime for accessibility.

Now hit the Back button twice to return to RescueTime. You will then see this screen, showing that Track Sites has been enabled.

Click the last green Enable button next to Track Calls to set up call tracking. You will get a screen that explains that "read contacts" permission is needed for call tracking to work:

Tap the green Fix permissions button, and you will get a modal popup asking for permission. Tap Allow.

Depending on your version of Android, you may get another permission screen that is similar, but asks for the "Read Call Log" permission. You should allow this as well if you want to track calls. 

Finally, with tracking options enabled, you return to the RescueTime setup screen. Tap the blue Continue at bottom to move on.

You will then see the sign-up screen. If you already have a RescueTime account, tap on the blue link at the top to sign in. If you do not have an account, you can create one by entering details into the address and password fields, and checking the box that indicates you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service.

After logging in or creating an account, you will be taken to the app Dashboard.

If you have an existing account with data, you will see that information on the Dashboard.  If you just created your account, it will take a few minutes for data to be displayed.

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