Android App Appearance and Features

The RescueTime app for Android gives you the ability to view and interact with your RescueTime data on your Android mobile device.  

Home Screen

The home screen displays your total mobile logged time for the day along with a list of your top three activities. 

Scrolling down the pane will show the following: your Productivity Pulse, a breakdown of your desktop screen time versus mobile screen time, and data sync information.

Date Navigation

By default, the home screen will display the current day’s data.  You can navigate forward or backward by one day using the < and > symbols to the left and right of the report of total logged time.

To navigate to a different day, press on the date indication on the upper left of the home screen.  This will open a pane where you can select the desired date. (This date picker will appear different on some older versions of Android.)

Refresh Data / Help

To Refresh the screen data or to access Help functions, press on the ellipsis (three vertical dots) on the upper right hand corner. This opens a small modal window.

Refresh” will push your latest tracking data to the server, and pull the latest reports from the server (unless you have done a push or pull very recently.)  

Help” will bring up this screen with help information. You can look up information in the search box in "Answers" or send us an email via "Ask."

If you are having trouble with your data or account, you may be asked by the RescueTime Customer Support Team to use the " Troubleshooting" feature to send in some diagnostic information. "Troubleshooting" is reached from the Settings icon.

Offline Time Tracker

You can access this from the Home, Goals, or Activities screens by pressing on the Stopwatch icon.

The app provides a timer to start and stop logging for offline activities. 

The offline time activity options are managed in the Offline Time Settings page of your RescueTime account on the website. The sync is from your computer in the Offline Time Settings page to Android, and doesn't work the other way around. 

You can choose one of the activities or enter a new activity, then press the “Start Tracking” button to begin logging.  When you are done with the activity, you can return to this screen and press “Stop Tracking”.  The new activity created in the Android is locally stored so will not show up in your Offline Time Settings page of your RescueTime account on the website, but the data will show in your Reports.


" Your Goals" pane is accessed by pressing on the check mark icon labeled Goals on the bottom of the screen. This shows the goals you setup in your RescueTime account on the website and your progress towards them. You can find details on how to set Goals in RescueTime here.

Top Activities 

To see a fuller list of your activities, press on the button icon at the bottom of the screen.

This will display a listing of top activities by category.

You can also access this list from the home screen on the " See full list..." link.

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