Can I limit what information RescueTime collects?

It is important to us that you have control over what data is collected and retained by RescueTime. The best option to limit what RescueTime gathers is the whitelist functionality, which is a list of websites that you want to track. It can reduce the noise level in your data, and provide another layer of privacy.

  1. Navigate to Account Settings > Privacy Settings.
  2. Under the "Only Monitor Specific Websites" select Monitor only domains that you specify.
  3. Add the desired domains you would like RescueTime to track. All other websites not on the whitelist will be recorded as generic browser time. 

You can also choose your logging schedule by navigating to Account Settings > Privacy Settings. With scheduling, you can opt to only monitor usage on specific days within certain hours. The application will not record any data outside the schedule you have set up. Furthermore, the RescueTime icon shown on your menu bar or system tray will be grayed out, indicating that it is not active. 

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