Personal Productivity

RescueTime's productivity tools help people understand how they spend their time so they can make better choices and focus on more important tasks. The data RescueTime collects is turned into detailed reports about their time and which activities might be holding them back. Powerful tools allow people to set attainable goals, beat distractions, and achieve greater work/life balance.

Detailed personal reports

The individual reports in RescueTime include all applications and websites (unless ignored explicitly by the user). It's a much more in-depth view than what is available in group reports, and it is private to the individual. Team members can see how much time they spent on different applications and websites and see how their productivity changes over the course of weeks or months.

Weekly email summary

Each week, all team members will receive a weekly email summary outlining how their time was spent the previous week. It helps people stay mindful of their time without having to check their reports regularly.

Alerts and notifications

Individuals can set up real-time alerts for the time they spend on specific activities. Alerts can be positive—5 hours of all productive time—or negative—one hour of all distracting time. Alerts can be set for different productivity levels, categories, and even individual applications or websites. It's an excellent way for users to establish a personal feedback loop to stay productive. 

FocusTime - Distraction blocking

Individuals can block out distractions during times they need to focus with FocusTime, our distraction management tool. Users can specify how long they want to focus, and all distracting websites will be blocked during that period. Whether an activity is distracting is determined by each individual, so the site blocking feature will always suit everyone's unique needs. by the Additionally, API integrations can be configured by the user to block incoming distractions, such as muting their phone or signing out of Slack. 

Daily highlights

In addition to the automatic logging by the RescueTime app, team members can also manually log personal daily highlights. These are short snippets of text describing the work they've accomplished throughout the day. Members can set up automatic prompts to enter highlights at intervals throughout the day. 

Log time away from your computer

The RescueTime application is excellent for logging time on the computer, but what about the activities that take place away from the screen, such as meetings, lunch, and errands? RescueTime can be configured to prompt members for an update when they return to their computer after a predetermined time: 

This feature is called Offline Time, and like online activities, Offline Time can be ranked by productivity. Configuring Offline Time settings gives team members an even more comprehensive view of their day.

With these tools at their disposal, individuals can take charge of each day and the whole team benefits!

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