The RescueTime Firefox Add-on does not work with my custom privacy/cookie settings in Firefox

In order for the RescueTime browser add-on to function properly when using custom security settings in Firefox, the domain of the add-on needs to be added to the list of cookie exceptions.  The add-on uses localStorage (not cookies) to store its configuration data, which is necessary for activation. Firefox treats localStorage the same way it treats cookies, so disabling cookies from websites also disables the add-on from accessing localStorage. Below are steps for dealing with this issue:

1. Navigate to about: debugging and locate the “RescueTime for Firefox” add-on in the list. Here you will see an “Internal UUID”, or unique identifier, for the add-on, which is needed to create the domain name that will be added to the whitelist of cookie exceptions.

Copy this UUID to the clipboard, it will be used later in Step 4.

2. Navigate to about:preferences#privacy and locate the “History” section. Use the drop-down menu to select “Use custom settings for history”.

3. Uncheck the box Accept cookies from websites, and click the button Exceptions.

4. Add the following website addresses to your list of exceptions, making sure to click Allow, and never Allow for Session:

5. Click Save Changes, and the browser add-on should be functioning normally.

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