FocusTime is a Premium-only feature. It works by blocking distracting websites so you can focus on productive activities. FocusTime does not block desktop applications. 

You can start a FocusTime session by selecting " Get Focused..." from the RescueTime application menu, accessed by clicking on the RescueTime icon.

On Mac, the RescueTime icon is in the menu bar.

On Windows, it is in the system tray.

In the latest version of RescueTime on Windows, this is what the system tray looks like.

This will open the FocusTime window where you set the length of the FocusTime session.

Once FocusTime has been activated, you will see an indication of the session time remaining in the menu.  (Here "Focused for 5 minutes".)

During FocusTime when you go to a website you scored or ranked as "Personal" or "Distracting" depending on your site block level (details to come), then you'll see a FocusTime block page. You can choose to continue with the distraction, rescore it to "Other Work," or continue to focus.

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