RescueTime gets stuck on FocusTime

If RescueTime ever gets stuck in FocusTime mode, meaning your distracting sites are blocked even after the time you set for FocusTime has expired, or if you need to quit before your scheduled end, follow these steps to unblock it.

1. Open the Task Manager by pressing CTRL-ALT-DELETE or by right-clicking on the taskbar and choosing Start Task Manager.
2. Click the Applications tab > RescueTime program > End Task.

1. Launch the Activity Monitor from Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor.
2. Choose RescueTime from the list of active applications.
3. Click on "X" icon in the upper left corner to kill the RescueTime process.

After force-quitting RescueTime, you can restart RescueTime and FocusTime will no longer be active.

To learn more about how to use FocusTime check the article "Getting the most of our RescueTime's website-blocking features" on the RescueTime's blog

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