Problems with FocusTime site blocking

Your web browser gets "stuck" blocking distracting websites, even after the FocusTime session ends.

If  RescueTime gets stuck on FocusTime, you can make it stop by starting another focus session for 1 minute.

Sites are not being blocked during a focus session

If you are using Firefox on OS X and you are not seeing sites being blocked, you will need the Extension for FocusTime to work. 

A site that you think should be blocked isn't. 

RescueTime will block sites that you have visited in the last three months that have been scored as "very distracting" either by you or as one of our defaults.

If you see a site not being blocked that you think should be, the first thing you should do is check your  distracting activities report.

See if you can find the site you are looking for there, you may need to adjust the date controls to look further back to find it. If you don't see it, then it's either categorized as something other than "Very Distracting," or you haven't visited the site in the last three months. The next time you start a focus  session, that site should be blocked since you've just visited it.

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