Google Calendar Integration

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How to connect your Google Calendar to RescueTime

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1. On the integration page, select "Connect your Google account"

2. You will be redirected to sign-in to your Gmail account. By signing in you will be connecting RescueTime to your Google Calendar. 

3. Permissions for this integration

When you connect RescueTime to Google Calendar, you will be asked to grant the following permissions:

See, edit, share, and permanently delete all the calendars you can access using Google Calendar

This permission is necessary to create the dedicated RescueTime Calendar that summaries will be posted to. 

💡NOTE: RescueTime will not add, edit or delete anything from your existing calendars.

       ( If these permissions are not accepted you will not be able to use the integration)

4. Select "Create your RescueTime calendar" and a calendar titled "RescueTime" will be created in your Google Calendar.

5. Once created you will be able to click on "Go to Your Calendar" to see your integration in action.

6. If you have meetings scheduled your calendar will now look like this:

Congratulations 🎉

You have successfully connected your Google Calendar integration

How to use the Google Calendar Integration

RescueTime will create a new calendar that will contain daily summaries about your time. Each day, a new summary is created showing details of your logged time in RescueTime and the time blocked off on your calendar.

Daily Use

✔️Open your Google Calendar.

✔️In order for the integration to be displayed the calendar must be in Daily, Weekly or Monthly view. The calendar view can be changed on the top right hand side of your Google Calendar page.

💡 *Note-In daily view you will not be able to view the current day but can view days in the past.

✔️To get an expanded overview of your day select the timer and calendar emoji on the date you would like to view.

Daily Overview Explained

  • Quickly see the total time you logged each day, right in your calendar
  • Get a rollup of the total time in meetings on your primary calendar
  • Get a summary of your daily goals in RescueTime

What Premium features are available

If you had multiple Google Calendars, you would be able to select the ones you want to track here.

If you'd like to use FocusTime during an event, you would choose 'Enabled' and add #focustime to your Google Calendar.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Calendar Integration

Are you having trouble connecting your integration? Maybe you're not seeing the RescueTime summaries on your Google Calendar? 

Don't stress! You can click on the 'Regenerate Summaries' below

If that doesn't work then please disconnect and reconnect your connection to Google Calendar. When you do this, make sure you accept the permission to " See, edit, share, and permanently delete all the calendars you can access using Google Calendar.

Please remember: RescueTime will not add, edit or delete anything from your existing calendars.

How to disconnect your Google Calendar from RescueTime

  • Click here and then select "Disconnect this Integration"

  • Next, go to your Google Calendar settings page
  • Choose the settings for the “RescueTime” Calendar
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose “Remove Calendar”

That's all there is to it! If you change your mind, you can always integrate your Google Calendar with RescueTime again.

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