IOS - Installation and activation

The RescueTime Classic iOS app version 1.5.1 is no longer available on the Apple Store. If you have previously downloaded this version, then you can access it from your App Purchases

Once you have installed the application, you'll automatically begin the setup process. Simply tap the Get Started button. 

Enter the email address and password you chose when you created your RescueTime account. 

After signing in, you'll be asked to allow notifications. Clicking Allow Notifications will not only ensure that you'll be notified when you have met your goals, but it is also necessary for the app's functionality. You can choose which notifications you receive by going to Settings and clicking on Notifications.

When you select Allow Notifications, you'll get a modal popup from your device asking you to allow notifications—choose Allow and then configure your notifications under Settings:

RescueTime uses your device's location to determine when you use your device and how long you use it. To set time tracking on your device toggle  Log Device Use to on in Settings . You can Skip this if you don't want to track your mobile time and simply want to use the app to view your desktop data. You can always change it later by going to Settings and selecting Location. Please note: if tracking is not on you won't see any mobile time reported on your device or desktop dashboard. 

Your iOS device will want to confirm that you're allowing RescueTime to access your location. Setting it to Always Allow will ensure that all your mobile activity is recorded accurately. 

With notifications and location access allowed, you are now ready to start using the app. If you have an existing account that already has data, you will see it on the app's Dashboard under your desktop time. If you just created your account, please allow several minutes for both mobile and desktop data to be displayed.

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