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This Device

This device screen displays your total mobile time for the day along with the number of pickups, time and location.

By clicking "You picked up your iPhone X times", you'll get location information along with a number of sessions and duration.  Just so you know location data stays on your iOS device and it is never synched with RescueTime's servers. 

Clear Location Data will remove all the location data stored on the device up to when the removal took place. It starts recording new location data after that date.


The desktop screen displays your desktop logged time for the day along with a list of your top activities.

Scrolling down will show you your productivity pulse.

Date Navigation

By default, this device screen will display the current day's data. You can navigate forward or backward on the date, by tapping the arrow symbols  < and > located at the left and right of your desktop time.

To navigate to a different day, tap on the date at the top of the screen, and a date picker will automatically be displayed. You can then select a given date. Please note that you can only go back 30 days from today's date. 


To see a list of the activities for the day, click the Activities icon at the bottom. From the desktop screen, you can also click the see full list link under the top activities section.

You'll see a listing of your top activities by category.


Goals can be accessed by clicking the Goals icon at the bottom of the screen. 

You'll see all the goals you have set up and the progress you have made towards them. 

Create a Goal

To create a goal click on the " +" sign at the top right-hand side of your screen.

Here you will be able to create your goal by selecting the activity, time, more or less than, when and whether you want to receive notifications for your goal. Once you are satisfied with your settings make sure to press "Save".

When your goal has been saved you will receive a "Your Goal was successfully created" notification.

Congratulations you created a goal on your mobile device!! πŸŽ‰

Delete a Goal

To delete a goal select the goal you would like to delete.

You will see your goal settings, at the bottom select " Delete Goal"

Once deleted you will receive a notification "Your Goal was successfully deleted"

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