Why is RescueTime Classic iOS app version 1.5.1 not tracking my mobile data?

If you're not seeing mobile data reports, please be sure to check the following:

Confirm that your Location is set to ON. Navigate to Settings and make sure there is a checkmark next to Location. If you don't see a checkmark next to Location tap on the Location table cell to find instructions to enable access.
Check that Log Device Use is enabled. You can confirm by also navigating to the Settings page.
Although Notifications aren't required for logging data, they're required for syncing. Without Notifications allowed, you won't see mobile time logged Unless you pull-to-refresh on the Dashboard.
Make sure that RescueTime for iOS is running in the background. Swipe up (or press the home button on an older device) on your iOS device to see if the app is indeed running in the background.
Do you have a passcode, FaceID or TouchID set on your device? RescueTime for iOS requires a passcode, TouchID or FaceID to be enabled for mobile time tracking due to limitations placed on us by iOS.
Note: You can turn off notifications while technically keeping them on for syncing purposes. Go to Settings<Notifications<RescueTime and just unselect the alerts in your RescueTime notification settings.

Does RescueTime for iOS need to be in the background to track my mobile time?

Yes. RescueTime for iOS must be running in the background to track your mobile time. You can swipe up (or press the home button) and leave it in the background. However, you cannot completely force quit the app.

RescueTime for iOS is reporting mobile data but not activity details

Yes, this is the expected behavior. The lack of activity details is due to Apple's restrictions. It's currently not possible to create apps that measure usage or provide website details. If it changes in the future, we'll be sure to offer this feature. 

What are the differences between RescueTime for iOS and Screen Time?

Apple's Screen Time feature can provide you with activity specific durations for specific apps and websites. RescueTime for iOS is limited to showing total device usage. This is a limitation placed on us by iOS. The data in Screen Time is available exclusively to Apple and we are unable to access it.

You can run RescueTime for iOS as well as Screen Time. In fact, we recommend that you use both. The main benefit of using RescueTime for iOS in conjunction with Apple's Screen Time is that you'll see your mobile time integrated with your Desktop usage on your RescueTime Dashboard. It gives you a more holistic overview of where you spend your time. 

Why does RescueTime for iOS use Location Tracking?

RescueTime is limited by the privacy and security restrictions on iOS. Developers of iOS are not allowed to track app usage or activity details that are possible on other desktop and mobile operating systems. We have found location tracking the most effective way of providing users with meaningful information about the time and places they use their iOS devices. In short, RescueTime needs location services because time and duration of device use are linked to location in iOS.

Your location data is private and remains on your devices and is never sent to our servers.

Please note: The RescueTime Classic iOS app version 1.5.1 is no longer available on the Apple Store. If you have previously downloaded this version, then you can access it from your App Purchases

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