Summary of what Premium reports offer

RescueTime reports offer a ton of rich data. Activity reports, for instance, contain specific details about files and web pages within the programs you use and the websites your visit. 

Here is a summary of what your Premium reports can show you:

Detailed activity reporting

Did you know what within your reports, you get another layer of details?

With Page Title Tracking turned on, you can see specific information about files and web pages within the programs you use and the websites you visit. All you need to do is narrow down your search to the site or application in question. 

Let's say you want to see details of your Gmail activities. While viewing your "by hour" reports, click on the "Summary" tab at the top of the page and you'll see how much time you spent on each particular email.

In addition, you can edit activities to categorize a specific sub-category within each category. Don't see any sub-categories that suit your needs? You can even create your own! Very cool!

Breakdown of activities by input source

To give you a deeper understanding of how you spend your time, RescueTime shows you a breakdown of your activities based on a source. 

Activity you have recorded via your desktop computer(s), your mobile device(s) and offline activities will be separated in your reports. This is an easy way to find out where you do your most productive work. Are your most distracting activities taking place on mobile? Is your most productive work done on your desktop computer? Do your offline activities tend to be more distracting or more productive?

One great way to visualize your data and get a sense of how your activities, categories, and productivity have changed over time, is to view the trending report. Within the graph view, you can keep an eye on long-term trends for a given day, week or month, and make comparisons over time. 

This report is particularly helpful if you want to start a new habit or learn a new skill. You might want to learn how to code, or perhaps you want to devote more time to writing. The trending report will show you your progress and—at a glance—you'll see if you need to make any adjustments. 

Expanded history time frame

Premium reports do not limit the amount of data you can view or create reports on—all of your historical data is available forever. Within the date picker you have many options that allow you to really dig deep into your data, and get a long-term view of your productivity. 

The ability to view your data based on customized time filters

You can create customized filters to isolate specific times of day and get a more granular view of your activities. For example, perhaps you want to learn if, on a given day, you are more productive in the morning or the afternoon.

Or maybe you have regular work hours and want to learn more about your non-work related activities. Yes, you can see this information by viewing by the hour report and assuming any activity after 6 o'clock is probably not work related. But this can be slow and inefficient, especially if you want to see this data on a broader scope. Using a customized time filter is a direct way get this information even over long spans of time.

Exporting your data to CSV

If you want to sort and filter your data according to your own criteria within your reports, you can export your data to a CSV. Just click the Export/Share button on any of your reports, and then select Export to CSV from the modal. It'shat easy!

Filtering your data based on selected keywords

If you are looking for something specific the keyword search can be quite handy. It has been designed to group activity details, documents and sites that don't fit inside one category. And if you do it often, you can create a filter search so you don't have to enter it each time.   

You'll need to use Boolean operator to either narrow or broaden your search. To get exact matches just surround your key term or phrase with quotation marks. Or user the logical operator AND, OR and NOT. 

For instance, if you want to see the time you spend searching on Google. You can use the keyword "Google" to get all the activities that match. 

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