What are the differences between Premium and Lite accounts?

RescueTime Premium gives you enhanced activity reporting and features—like FocusTime—that proactively promote productivity.

Advanced Reporting

Premium activity reports contain specific details about files and web pages within the programs you use and the websites you visit. For example, you'll be able to see which emails you wrote and how long you spent on each one! This is a great feature for anyone who needs to know exactly how much time they're spending on a project.

Using the Summary tab, you can edit an activity, delete parts of an activity, and sub-categorize activities within a parent category.

Premium users can even create their custom sub-categories. If you use multiple programs for the same project, you can put them all in the same sub-category and see your progress at a glance.

Premium accounts have access to all their historical account data and can generate yearly activity reports, while Lite accounts are limited to two weeks of data. For Premium subscribers, no matter how long you use RescueTime, your data will still be available. 

You can also choose custom time frames for reports.

FocusTime Website Blocking

FocusTime blocks access to distracting websites so that you can focus on productive activities. Only RescueTime Premium users have access to this feature. You can choose to continue with the distraction, rescore it to "Other Work," or continue to focus.

Goals and Alert Notifications

Premium accounts also have access to Goals and Alerts. Set goals for more time on productive activities or less time on distracting websites.

Receive alerts with an onscreen notification or email when you have reached a positive goal or exceeded a negative one.

Offline Time Entry

Enter details for your activity away from the computer with the automated offline time popup or manually on the RescueTime website. Offline time can be categorized as productive or distracting just like your online activities.

Advanced Filters

Use filters to screen your data by time period and to set custom ranges for goals and alerts.

If you want to learn more about the ways you can use RescueTime Premium in a typical work day, check out " A Day with RescueTime Premium."

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