What does RescueTime do when I am away from my computer?

RescueTime focuses on measuring exclusively active computer time. When the application detects that your computer is idle (no keyboard or mouse activity), it begins a 5-minute timer. At the end of five full minutes of inactivity, RescueTime will close the most recent record and subtract 5 minutes of time from it.
If you are a Premium user and you have offline time prompt enabled, you will get a pop up after becoming active again that will allow you to enter what you were doing when away from the computer unless this time exceeds 4 hours.
To enable the offline time prompt:
  1. Go to Offline Time Settings and select "Enable." 

  2. Customize the Offline time default choices to help you select an activity when the window pops up.

You can enter your offline time manually by clicking the green plus sign to the right of the page. 

Offline Time

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