Inside Timesheets AI

Timesheets AI represents an exciting new feature within RescueTime's comprehensive toolkit. Our primary objective with Timesheets AI (beta) is to simplify the arduous process of time tracking across diverse projects and the cumbersome task of filling out timesheets. Timesheets AI (beta) is your dedicated project time-tracking companion, designed to streamline the timesheet process with less hassle and, hopefully, a touch of enjoyment.

Timesheets AI (beta) is seamlessly integrated with RescueTime Premium, renowned as the most precise time-tracking software available today. As RescueTime diligently monitors your work activities while running on your computer, meticulously logging your interactions with various applications and websites, Timesheets AI (beta) leverages this invaluable data to assist you in swiftly and accurately populating your daily timesheet.

*Please note only your Focus Work, Other Work, and Neutral activities are displayed on your timeline. All Personal and Distracting activities are omitted. 

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