What are categories and how are they assigned?

Categories are classifications assigned by RescueTime, with the default category of a site or app defaulting to the most popular category. For example, if most users categorize Facebook.com as " Social Networking > General," then that will be the default category.

At RescueTime we try our best to provide good defaults, but there are bound to be cases where a default category or productivity ranking doesn't match your experience with a particular website or application.

Changing Categories and Productivity Ranking for a website or application

You can change your category or productivity ranking/scoring from your Applications & Websites Report, Categories Report, Productivity Report, or Categorize Activities page

From your Applications & Websites Report > click on the activity > click the Summary tab

Here you'll see a breakdown of all your sub-activities. You can change the category and ranking/scoring of each sub-activity by clicking on the activity to display the edit icon. 

For example, if you use Twitter primarily as a communication tool, you could re-categorize it to Communication & Scheduling > General.

You can change the productivity ranking/scoring for the activity.

Delete or Ignore an Activity

There are two delete options. Either you can Delete just the amount of time that is reported for the time span you are viewing, or you can eliminate all time for the activity and prevent future recording by choosing "Ignore this activity forever." Activities can be "Unignored" by going to the Tools Menu > Account Settings > Privacy page to resume logging if you change your mind in the future. Here is a how-to video on how to delete or ignore timePlease note this action is not retroactive. Ignored data is not recoverable.

You can also choose to create custom categories and you can find more details regarding sub-categories here. Note that if you use applications that are not commonly used by other RescueTime subscribers, you might have apps and sites that have no categories, which are automatically added to Uncategorized Activities that you can categorize in the Categorize Activities page.

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