What is RescueTime for Organizations?

RescueTime for Organizations helps you and your team think about your time in new ways.

RescueTime’s time-management tools have helped over a million people understand their time and manage their attention. It will help your organization be productive and happy.

Premium tools for everyone

Everyone within your organization will have access to RescueTime premium, an individual productivity suite which features in-depth reporting, real-time alerts, distraction management and other tools for staying focused during the workday. Individuals can learn how their time is spent, and set achievable goals and track their progress over time.

It’s the best way for individuals to understand their time and become more balanced and efficient.

Understand the key tools that drive your organization forward

In addition to the private personal productivity tools, get  team-wide aggregated statistics on the most important tools within your organization. See if the tools you have invested in are getting the usage that justifies their cost. You will see your team's time in a new perspective, and learn if that time is being spent in a way that matches the organization's goals.

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