The Dashboard is your RescueTime home page. It displays the time you have recorded for the day and it breaks this down by category. Your top activities for the day are shown, along with your goal progress, daily highlights, and lifetime milestones. 

  • On the left is a report of cumulative time recorded for the day with a graph of its distribution throughout the day. 
  • In the middle is the Productivity Pulse which is a score from 0 - 100 and indicates the level of productive activity within the recorded time.  It is calculated as the average, weighted by time of the different productivity rankings of the activities within RescueTime. 
  • On the right is a breakdown of the percentage of time spent in the top categories for the day.

By moving the mouse over the different sections, you can find additional details.

Next, you will see a breakdown of your top activities during work hours, top activities in general, daily patterns by category, and trends by category. 

Next, you'll see a report of your Goals and recorded Daily Highlights.

The final section displays you Lifetime Milestones in two views:  lifetime total and top days to help you understand where you spend your time (ie productive versus distracting) from a macro level.

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