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Welcome to RescueTime!

Here's a step by step guide to help you get set up.

⓵ Setup RescueTime: Once you have downloaded RescueTime, spend one day working on your computer on your normal day to day task. Then finish the remaining task below on Day 2.

⓶ Work Hours: Work hours helps you track what you're doing at work. Customize your work schedule with us, and we will show you if you're most productive in the mornings or afternoons. Let how to set up your Work Hours.

â“· Manage Categories: Decide what you would like your categories listed as here. Need help? Check out Changing Categories and Productivity scores

⓸ Assign Productivity & Categories: After visiting several websites you can assign the productivity score and the categories to your activities here

â“ą  Goals: Goals help you change the way you spend your time. Choose a category or productivity level that you’d like to see improvement, and we will help you keep track of your efforts. You can create new goals here. Once created, you can see your goal progress on the dashboard, goals report, and in your weekly summary emails.

â“ş Alerts: Alerts can notify you when you have reached a certain threshold on an activity. You can receive desktop and/or email notifications alerting you when you've reached a certain point that you've assigned. You can set this to alert you when you have spent to much time on a particular site, or when you have reached a point where you need to stop for the day. You can create a new alert here. If you need help creating one, just out check out "How to create an alert".

â“» FocusTime: One of our most popular features is FocusTime. Simply, decide on a time period to get focused and let RescueTime keep distractions away while you work. RescueTime will take the websites that you've marked as "very distracting" here and use that as your block list.  Take this time to determine which sites you deem as productive or distracting. The more time you log, the smarter the list gets.

Once that is complete let's learn how to set up a FocusTime session. FocusTime can be enabled manually, or you can automate it by setting specific times to focus using a RescueTime alert. FocusTime is used by writers, software developers, bookkeepers and anyone else who benefits from long blocks of uninterrupted focus.

â“Ľ Offline Time: Some parts of your day aren’t easily logged automatically. You can manually log time in meetings, phone calls, even your morning commute. All of this time can be categorized and ranked just like your online activities so you can see a richer view of your day. People who spend a lot of time in meetings, on phone calls, or have tasks that take them away from the computer.

â“˝ Highlights: RescueTime makes it easy to keep a record of the work you're doing. You can set up intelligent prompts to enter highlights at appropriate times, or by automatically logging directly from the other systems you use to get work done. Status reporting has never been easier! You will feel good about the work you’re completing, and you will never again get caught flat-footed when your boss asks you what you’ve been working on.

Whew! We hope we didn't overwhelm you, but if you take the time to set up each of these steps in a couple of weeks you will have a wealth of information about your habits to propel your goals to the next level!

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