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Welcome to RescueTime!

Here's a step by step guide to help you get set up.

⓵ Setup RescueTime: Once you have downloaded RescueTime, spend one day working on your computer on your normal day-to-day tasks. Follow the remaining steps below on Day 2.

⓶ Goals: Goals help you change the way you spend your time. Choose a category or productivity level where you’d like to see improvement, and we will help you keep track of your efforts. You can create new goals here. For example, you can set a goal to spend one hour or less on social media: 

Once created, you can see your goal progress on the dashboard, goals report, and in your weekly summary emails.

â“· Work Hours: Setting work hours helps you track what you're doing at work and make your reports more accurate. Customize your work schedule with us, and we will show you if you're most productive in the mornings or afternoons. Visit this link to learn how to set up your Work Hours.

⓸ Manage Categories: Setting categories for your activities allows you to get a broader view of how you spend your day. While there are default categories for most activities, how you classify them is ultimately up to you. You can choose your categories here. Need help? Check out Changing Categories and Productivity scores

⓹ Assign Productivity & Categories: Productivity levels for your activities are also customizable. After visiting several websites you can assign productivity scores here

Whew! We know it seems like a lot at first, but you'll quickly become familiar with all of RescueTime's features and customization options. If you take the time to follow each of these steps, you'll soon have a wealth of information about your habits that you can use to achieve your goals!

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