Work Hours

What are work hours?

Work hours give you more context for your logged time. This feature allows you to separate your work activity from your personal activity and get a more accurate view of your productivity.

Can I customize my work hours?

By default, work hours are Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm. This is a guess based on the average person's work day, but your hours may be different. You can customize your work hours to suit your needs by navigating to Advanced Filters in the Tools drop-down menu or by visiting this link:

You can customize your work hours however you like. That said, your work hours will probably be most useful if you set them to be as close as possible to your normal routine.

This short video will walk you through the steps for customizing your work hours.

What can I do with work hours?

Charts: You will see indicators of your work hours on any chart that shows logged activities plotted on a timeline. For example, the "By Day" Reports for productivity for the current month will show a grey background for your time outside of work hours, as will the "By Hour" reports.

Dashboard: Your dashboard gives a side by side breakdown of your work-hours vs your non-work-hours.

Detail Reports: Within the detail reports for a specific activity, you will see whether most of the time was logged inside or outside work hours. This can be helpful when trying to understand the impact of an activity on your work time.

Goals & Alerts: You can set goals for your work hours, your non-work hours, your total logged time or even your time on just one activity. This will help you focus your efforts on the times where they matter the most. For instance, setting a goal for less than 1 hour of distracting activities during work hours leaves you free to catch up on social media as much as you like after hours.

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