Why am I not seeing data on my dashboard or reports?

When you look at your dashboard or reports and you don't see time logged, you wonder what's wrong. There could be several possible reasons why this is happening. 
The most common are:
RescueTime is not running on your computer.
You have two different accounts, and you're logged in with the wrong one. 

RescueTime is not running on your computer

It's easy to know! On Windows check if the RescueTime icon is in your system tray. If you don't see it click the show the hidden icon on your system tray to make sure that Windows hasn't automatically hidden it. 
On a Mac look for the RescueTime icon in your OS X menu bar located on the upper-right side of your screen.
In either case, if the icon is not present, you'll need to install RescueTime.

You have two different accounts, and you're logged in with the wrong one

You confirmed that RescueTime is running, but you're still not seeing data on your dashboard. It could mean that you have multiple RescueTime accounts. The easiest way to confirm if this is the problem is by selecting Help from the RescueTime icon and sending the Customer Support Information to our Support team.

Note: In some cases, it might be necessary to quit and restart RescueTime to fix an issue where the application has crashed or is no longer working. This process should also allow it to find any patches or updates.

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