I need to do a full reinstall of RescueTime

There are a variety of issues that can be solved by doing a full reinstall of the RescueTime application. If all or part of your time doesn't appear to be getting recorded, doing a full reinstall is a reasonable place to start.

1. Remove the RescueTime application from your computer.

  • Windows: Go to your Start Menu > All Programs > RescueTime > Uninstall RescueTime.
  • Mac: Drag the RescueTime application from your Applications folder to the Trash

2.  Download the latest version of the application and install it.

  • Windows: Double-click the installer file you just downloaded, and go through the installation process.
  • Mac: Double-click the .dmg file. And drag the RescueTime application to your Applications folder.

3. Start RescueTime.

Note: on Windows, this should happen automatically at the end of the installation process.

4. Mac only, reset your RescueTime configuration.

Follow the steps below to clear out any existing configuration information:

Restart RecueTime

You should now have the most current version of RescueTime with up-to-date configuration settings.

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