I need to do a full reinstall of RescueTime

There are a variety of issues that can be solved by doing a full reinstall of the RescueTime application. If all or part of your time doesn't appear to be getting recorded, doing a full reinstall is a reasonable place to start.

1. Remove the RescueTime application from your computer.

  • Windows: Go to your Start Menu > All Programs > RescueTime > Uninstall RescueTime.
  • Mac: Drag the RescueTime application from your Applications folder to the Trash

We provide full details of the uninstall process for each operating system here.

2.  Download the latest version of the application and install it.

  • Windows: Double-click the installer file you just downloaded, and go through the installation process.
  • Mac: Double-click the .dmg file. And drag the RescueTime application to your Applications folder.

3. Start RescueTime.

Please note: on Windows, this should happen automatically at the end of the installation process.

4. Reset your RescueTime configuration ( Mac only).

Follow the steps below to clear out any existing configuration information:

1. Click the icon and choose  Help.

2. Click the button  Open Diagnostics; this opens a debugging window.

3. Click the  Reset Configuration button.

4. A pop-up opens with a Warning.

4. Quit RescueTime to complete the reset process.

5. Restart RescueTime

You should now have the most current version of RescueTime with up-to-date configuration settings.

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