How to delete or ignore time

You can delete any amount of time reported for a given day or time span. Make sure to use the date picker to choose the time frame of the report if you want to delete activities for the whole week, month or even a year.

Navigate to Reports > Applications & Websites and look for the activity you'd like to delete. Hover over the activity to make the pencil and paper icon on the far right appear. Click on the icon to view the options, and select Delete. Once an activity is deleted it's permanent and cannot be undone.

By selecting Ignore this activity forever you can also eliminate all the time ever logged for an activity and prevent future recording.

If you need to delete multiple entries recorded on the same date, or a specific time range, navigate to Reports > Applications & Websites and click the Edit Multiple link on the top far right of activities list. Check the box next to each of the activities you want to delete. Once you have selected all your activities click the Delete link also located at the top right of the activities list. Just remember that deleting an activity is permanent. 

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