Offline Time entry

Users with Premium accounts can record offline time activities in their logs. Offline time activities are those not on a computer or mobile device.  There are two ways to enter offline time.

Offline time popup

After enabling offline time tracking, once your computer has gone idle for 5 or more minutes, a window will pop up that says, "Welcome Back! What were you doing since hh: mm?" There are up to 6 configurable buttons that dismiss the window and fill in that time as appropriate. The buttons, by default, are "meeting," "phone call," and "other work." You can also choose "Don't log this time" on the popup if you don't wish any details recorded for this time. Also, you can configure the buttons on the  offline time settings page.

Offline time settings are found with the "Offline Time Settings" tab view.

Offline time entry page on the RescueTime website

You may also retroactively enter offline time directly on the RescueTime website. Look for the green "Add Time" button in the top right corner of the screen. 

On the offline time entry page, you will be able to see untracked time in your day and fill in the details by clicking on the gaps. Instructions for offline time entry can be found on the page.

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