How does billing work?

RescueTime Premium accounts are billed automatically monthly or annually. 

You can find details about your subscription, your current payment method, and your next billing date by navigating to Accounts Settings > Billing. From this page, you can also change your plan. 

If you are on an annual subscription, a reminder email will be sent one week before your subscription's renewal date. You may want to make sure emails from RescueTime are not getting filtered into your spam folder in your email client.

Getting email receipts

To receive notifications whenever a billing has occurred, go to Accounts Settings > Billing and add an email address to the "Email Receipts to:" field. You can add the email address associated with your RescueTime account, or any other email you wish (i.e., forward receipts to your accountant).

Viewing information about previous billings

You can find information about your billing history by clicking the View past invoices link on your Billing page.

Changing plan information

You can switch to a different plan on your Billing page. If you downgrade to the limited free version of RescueTime, you will continue to have access to Premium features for the remainder of the billing cycle. You will not be charged unless you upgrade your account.

If you change your plan to another billing cycle, (monthly or annually), your billing date will not be changed, but the new plan settings will take effect when your current billing cycle is up. For example, if you were on a monthly plan and decided that an annual subscription would be a better deal for you, you can change plans and not lose any time you had already paid for on your current monthly billing cycle.

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