Can I install RescueTime on more than one computer?

Is there a limit to how many computers I can use with RescueTime?

You can  download RescueTime on any number of computers! With each installation, you will be automatically prompted to log in using your account's credentials. 

Will I be able to see how much time I spent on each computer?

All of your time across desktops will appear on your Dashboard, but you won't be able to differentiate between one computer and another. However, if you use different computers at different times of day, you may find custom filters helpful for separating your activity.

Will having multiple computers affect the accuracy of my reports?

You shouldn't have any overlapping time unless you're using two computers at the same time. In that case, you may see more time on your reports than clock time. In any case, the amount of time shown for each activity will be accurate.

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