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2021 was a busy year for our team as we launched a new version of RescueTime. RescueTime now offers two different versions of the app: RescueTime Classic and RescueTime

  • RescueTime is designed to promote digital wellness through active coaching
  • RescueTime Classic is designed to provide more raw data

To find the version that best suits you, ask yourself what you're hoping to achieve. 

  • If you're looking for improved work/life balance, the new version of RescueTime may be a better match.
  • If you're looking for analytics to drive your productivity, RescueTime Classic may fit your needs.

As you can see below, we took a different approach with the new version of RescueTime. If you're interested in switching to the new version of RescueTime, click here to get started

If you're currently on the new RescueTime and want to switch back to RescueTime Classic, please reach out to customer support:

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