Why Your Work Settings are Important

What you'll learn

As you go through your onboarding survey upon signing up for a RescueTime account, some of your answers help populate your Work Settings. You can access your Work Settings from your Account Settings page to make any changes. Within your Work Settings you have a work profile and work schedule. Each plays an integral part in how your Reports are displayed and how your Assistant interacts with you.

Work Profile

Based on your "work status" and "organization size", these factors will help RescueTime determine your Focus Work goal. We share more about how your Focus Work goal is determined here. This should have already been pre-filled from your onboarding survey, but if you need to make changes you can do it here.

Work Schedule

Your work schedule affects when the Assistant is in work mode or Recharge Time. 

  • You are in work mode during the hours you indicated here and your activities are being reported. Your Focus Work during this time will count toward your Focus Work goal.
  • During Recharge Time, time outside of your work hours, your activities will not count toward your Focus Work goal. If you want this time to be reported, then you can simply click on the "Back to Work" button. RescueTime will re-enter work mode. Your time will count toward your Focus work goal again. 

We provide more details about the different types of Assistant modes here.

Below we provide details about each of the settings.

  • My target work week is your ideal number of work hours per week. This setting also affects RescueTime's recommendation for your Focus Work goal.
  • Daily focus goal is determined two ways: automatically by RescueTime or manually by you.
    • Your work status, organization size, and target work week are factors that RescueTime uses to determine your Focus Work goal. You can choose for RescueTime to determine this goal for you with the "automatic" option.
    • If you don't want RescueTime to determine this for you, then you can set it manually by clicking on the edit icon where you will have the option to choose 1-6 hours. 
    • Your Focus Work goal will be displayed in your Assistant as a progress bar informing you daily of when you have achieved this goal.

  • Recommended daily break time is 2 hours by default. RescueTime recommends 2 hours as a base number. You can edit this number if you would like. The number of hours can be 8 hours or less. To control your actual break time we share details on how to do this here
  • Work week starts on Monday or Sunday. You can pick either day as the start of your work week. RescueTime will send you a weekly report to your inbox based on what you choose here.
  • Preferred time format can be either a 12 hour format or 24 hour format. This will be reflected in your work schedule above.
  • Delivery time of daily report allows you to control when you want to see your end of day report alert in your Assistant.

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