IOS 13-Must Read

  This is for all users that have updated their devices to IOS 13.

Once you have installed the application,  and sign in you'll automatically be directed to grant permissions. In order for the app to function as it should, you must select "  Allow While Using App"

The next time the app is launched or after a short period of time, second permission will be presented. You will want to select " Change to Always Allow"


You can also go into Settings -> RescueTime -> Location and set it to “ Always”.


After you have been using the app for a while, an alert will appear that shows a map view of where the app has been tracking your location. This is only for your personal view, Rescuetime does not store this data.

Why does RescueTime for iOS use Location Tracking?

RescueTime is limited by the privacy and security restrictions on iOS. Developers of iOS are not allowed to track app usage or certain other details that are possible on other desktop and mobile operating systems. We have found location tracking the most effective way of providing users with meaningful information about the time and places they use their iOS devices are part of healthy work/life balance.

Your location data is private and remains on your devices and is never sent to our servers.

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