Learn about the RescueTime weekly email

Each week, you'll receive an email containing a summary of your productivity and the highlights of your previous week's activities. Here's a breakdown of what you can learn from it:

Your overall time and productivity score for the week

These numbers will give you a rough understanding of how your week went. Pay attention to how they change over time, but keep in mind that it's normal to have more productive and less productive weeks.

Details about your productivity

To get a more detailed sense of your productivity, we've broken your time down into segments, ranging from "very distracting" to "very productive". At a glance, you can see approximately how much time you spent focusing on important work.

Your most productive times

[Premium only] Are you a morning person? Did you get a case of the Mondays or did you struggle with Friday brain? Check out your "Most productive day" and "Most productive time" for the answer.

What types of activities took up most of your time?

You'll see your time broken down by category. Do you see anything you'd like to change in the week ahead?

What are your most common applications or websites?

Find out which applications or websites held your attention the longest last week.

Are you making progress towards your goals?

You can set goals for all sorts of things in RescueTime and we'll keep you updated on your progress. If you're a Premium user, we'll show you how you did compared to the previous week.

Random productivity tidbits

Quotes, tips, and resources to encourage and inspire as you prepare for the upcoming week!

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