Reporting on your goals and progress

When you set up a goal, you are probably pretty committed to achieving it. And RescueTime makes it very easy to track your progress. But not only that, it provides you with rich insights that help you understand how you reached your goal. Or in the case you did not, what changes you can make to your day to achieve it.

Goals by date range

The all- day view shows you a list of all the goals you have set up, along with the total for the day allocated towards the goal. You can access this by going to Reports > Goals.
By clicking the full report icon, on the upper right corner of your goal, you can see a bar graph showing the progress of the goal throughout the day. On the graph, you'll see a small pie chart indicating how much of your goal you have met along with a list of all the activities counted towards that goal, broken down by the time of the day. 

RescueTime does not limit your goal view to just one day. With the date picker, you can select different time frames allowing you to see your progress during a much larger date range. 

The  quarterly and yearly goal views allow you to see your progress at a much broader scope. Beyond quantifying the time allocated to a goal, at a glance you can see how many times during the selected date range you reached or missed your goal. The same trend sparkline provides a two week rolling average of your time data which gets more interesting when there are more data points.

Also there's the recent goal view which shows you goals for specific time frames.

Additional Insights

The trend sparkline provides a two week rolling average of your time data logged for the goal. For each day in the report, we average the time dating back two weeks from that day. You can easily see your daily average trending for the goal. Is it trending upwards, downwards or remains steady?
Furthermore, you can quickly see the days when you achieved your goal and those where you fell short. So you can see a complete picture of what went on during your week or month.

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